Shane Vaughn Teaches Layers Of The Law part 1 of 4

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Shane Vaughn
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Study Guide

00:00:00 - The Law of God
00:01:16 - Evaluating the Law of God
00:02:29 - The Beauty of Studying the Book of Jeremiah
00:03:28 - The Balance of Beliefs
00:04:30 - Understanding God through Jeremiah 9:23
00:05:46 - Understanding God
00:07:03 - Knowing God as Yahweh
00:08:25 - Yahweh's Character: Loving Kindness
00:09:34 - The Character of God in the Law
00:10:40 - The Bedrock of Understanding God's Law
00:11:53 - The Pursuit of Understanding God
00:13:03 - Righteousness and the Dichotomy of Good and Evil
00:14:19 - The Right Way is the Way of God
00:15:36 - The Truth of God's Word
00:16:47 - The Law of God and Human Laws
00:18:02 - The Law of God vs. Arbitrary Man-Made Laws
00:19:14 - The Arbitrary God Theory
00:20:28 - The Infallibility of God's Law
00:21:56 - The Mistake of God's Law
00:23:02 - The Fault in the First Covenant
00:24:18 - God's Fault with Those He Gave the Law to
00:25:45 - The Law Revealing Right and Wrong
00:26:54 - The Law of God
00:28:10 - The Multifaceted Nature of the Law of God

Key insights
📜 The law of God is a subject of utmost importance, yet often marginalized and unbalanced in understanding.
💭 Many people were trained to believe that the law of God was done away with, replaced by the man Christ Jesus, leading to different beliefs about salvation and the role of the law.
📜 Jeremiah 9: 23 scripture challenges the idea of boasting about wisdom, strength, or riches, and instead encourages boasting about understanding and knowing God.
📜 "If you're watching this video to understand the law better, you've got to understand the lawgiver better."
🧠 "Your job as the believer in the god of Israel is to find out what God has to say on every matter and when you figure out what he has to say then you will do right because you will do what God said to do."
🤯 The arbitrary God Theory leads to the belief that God made a mistake with the Old Testament law, which is not in line with the eternal nature of God's laws.
💡 The law of God is not regulatory, but revelatory, revealing the way of righteousness to you.
💡 Understanding the law of God requires looking at it from different angles to find the beauty hidden in the layers of the law.