Toto Tonight 4/11/24

1 month

Study Guide:

00:00:00 - Morning update with David Shapiro
00:03:39 - Professor Toto Returns
00:06:49 - Coin of the Month Program
00:09:57 - Updates on Toto's Retreat
00:14:04 - The Journey of Greatness
00:17:07 - A Powerful Commercial
00:20:21 - Apology for Offensive Comments
00:23:36 - Apology and Learning from Mistakes
00:26:20 - President Biden's Leadership on the World Stage
00:28:36 - Artificial Intelligence and Fake News
00:31:24 - Different Types of Government and Artificial Intelligence
00:34:05 - Authentic Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence
00:37:27 - NPR Bias Exposed
00:40:29 - Lack of Diversity in News Coverage
00:43:45 - Rising Inflation and the Sale of Petroleum Reserves
00:46:51 - Draining the Emergency Reserve Supply
00:50:20 - Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
00:53:33 - Professor Toto: The Patriots B Club
00:57:02 - The Importance of Understanding the Constitution
01:00:14 - The Prosecution of Innocent Life
01:03:47 - Violating the Constitution: Abortion
01:07:12 - Congressional Powers and Abortion
01:10:27 - The Power of the States and the People
01:13:46 - Repealing Roe Wade and Supreme Court Decision
01:16:53 - State Regulation of Abortion
01:20:01 - The Need for Change in America
01:23:59 - Ending Performance

Key insights
  • 🧠
    "What they're saying on the main screen is not lining up with what they're saying on the main streets."
  • 🛢️
    The nation is draining precious reserves due to the Democrats' green energy policies, which could be detrimental in the event of another embargo.
  • 💰
    Biden's plan to forgive student loan debt is a slap in the face of every blue collar worker in America, forcing them to pay for someone else's useless degree.
  • 🏛️
    "A federal ban on abortion would violate and it did violate the constitution that is why the Supreme Court overturned roie. Wade the federal government has no business in Prosecuting crimes against innocent life that is left up to the individual states."
  • 🇺🇸
    "If you want to rid abortion do it in your state fight. Like you know what in your state where you have more control in your state."