What Changed My Theology? Here are 10 Scriptures that forever changed me

2 years

I am often asked "What Changed Your Thinking about the Bible?" How did your theology so radically change? BELIEVE IT OR NOT - there is an answer -- there are 10 verses of scripture that you HARDLY EVER HEAR mentioned in the mainstream church and YET - they are SO IMPORTANT that is almost seems PLANNED by an invisible adversary that these scriptures are HARDLY MENTIONED in our churches... I spend a few minutes on 10 MAJOR SCRIPTURES that FOREVER changed how I read my Bible -- maybe they will help you as well --- if SO - Wonderful!!! If Not - then carry on as you were

STUDY GUIDE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q9H4QgPjjvlgTBW50cIucRMPbOIksRIXxZtu2ugmWlE/edit?usp=sharing

00:00:00 - Introduction to 10 Life-Changing Scriptures
00:02:11 - Satan's Deception of the Whole World
00:03:58 - The Prince of the Power of the Air
00:06:30 - The Deception of Satan
00:08:56 - Satan's Deception and Blinding of Minds
00:11:17 - The Guidance of the Holy Spirit
00:13:20 - Deception in the Christian Church
00:15:27 - The Captivity of Humanity
00:17:30 - Released from the Captivity
00:19:37 - The Definition of Sin
00:21:49 - The Wages of Sin: Death
00:23:47 - The Fulfillment of the Law by Jesus
00:25:51 - Increasing the Binding Nature of the Ten Commandments
00:27:49 - The Law of Gravity and Its Fulfillment
00:29:52 - The Importance of Keeping God's Commandments
00:31:58 - The Importance of Keeping God's Commandments
00:34:14 - The Definition of Love
00:36:16 - Proving Our Love for Jesus
00:38:10 - Adultery and Love
00:40:08 - The Difference Between Worshipers and True Worshipers
00:42:06 - Rejecting the Word of God
00:44:02 - Faith and Works
00:46:08 - Faith and Works: Required for Salvation
00:48:16 - Salvation as a Gift from God, Rewards Determined by Works
00:50:24 - The Gift of God and Good Works
00:52:31 - Beware of Deception