A Spring Fling - Exploring the Spring Holidays 3/18/23

1 year

In this video, we will be exploring the pagan roots of the spring holidays, including Ostara, Beltane, and May Day. We will discuss the history and traditions behind these holidays, as well as their significance to pagans and other spiritual communities. Through interviews with practitioners of various pagan traditions, we will gain insight into how these holidays are celebrated today and how they have evolved over time. We will also learn about the symbolism of spring in pagan beliefs and how it relates to themes of renewal, growth, and fertility. Additionally, we will delve into the ways in which these pagan holidays have been adapted and incorporated into mainstream culture, including the origins of Easter and the modern celebration of May Day. Whether you are a pagan practitioner or simply curious about the origins of spring holidays, this video will provide an informative and engaging exploration of this fascinating topic.

00:00:00 - Understanding the Significance of Passover
00:03:47 - The Bible New Year
00:07:34 - Changing the Truth into a Lie
00:11:49 - Witchcraft and Nature Worship
00:16:13 - The Celebration of the Circle
00:20:11 - Lies and False Gods
00:28:13 - The Tower of Nimrod and the Rebellion against Yahweh
00:32:44 - Establishing Order through Preaching
00:36:33 - The Tower of Babel and the Trinity
00:40:54 - The Origins of the Defiant Religion
00:45:13 - The Confusion of Languages and Names
00:49:35 - The Mother Harlot
00:53:32 - Mocking Religious Systems
00:57:16 - The Secret Religion of Mystery Babylon
01:01:32 - The Secret Religion
01:05:36 - The Scarlet Mother Harlot
01:09:42 - The Wheel of the Year and the Turning of Time
01:13:25 - The Old Religion and the Birth of the Sun
01:17:56 - The Myth of Ishtar and Yuletide Celebrations
01:22:17 - The May Queen and the Green Man
01:26:48 - The May Queen and Perversion
01:30:52 - The Deception of Christianity
01:34:39 - The King Cake and the Old Religion
01:38:39 - The Abominations in Yahweh's Church
01:42:38 - Symbolism and Rebellion
01:46:37 - Join us for the New Year Celebration

Keywords: New Year, Traditions, Religion, Holidays, Spring, Romans 1:25, Creator, Proverbs 23:23, Paganism, Creation, Wheel within the wheel, Jeremiah 16:19, Inherited, Rebellion, Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz, Heaven, Tower of Babel, Babylon, gods, Language, Revelation 17:1-5, Fornications, Abominations, Christmas, Easter/Ishtar, Perversion, Ezekiel 8:13-17, Jeremiah 7:18