Tracking The Tribes - Part 1 - Sat Morning Zoom Bible Study

1 year

The religions of the world ignore the question or gives answers that do not pass the test of scrutiny. What in fact happened to multiplied millions of humans who were the Israelite descendents of the Patriarchs? Did they just dissapear from the pages of history to be forgotten, although they were children of an everlasing covenant? They were given a promise to rule the world and to sit upon Davids throne forever. Where are they? In this series of lessons, Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries will open the scriptures to give you these eternal answers



00:00:00 - The Travels of the Tribes of Israel
00:05:00 - Jeroboam's Rise to Leadership in the Church
00:10:31 - The Lost Tribes of Israel
00:15:37 - The Right to Rule given to the Ten Tribes
00:20:42 - Building a Solid House Among the Lost Tribes
00:25:54 - The Division of Israel into Two Houses
00:31:24 - Rebellion and Civil War in Israel
00:36:35 - The Two Houses of Israel
00:41:30 - The Prodigal Son and The Parables
00:46:29 - The Ignorance of the Words
00:51:32 - The Age of the Gentile
00:57:06 - Praying for America and the Enduring Throne
01:02:36 - Putting Your Crown Back On
01:07:55 - Returning to Jerusalem and the 12 Tribes
01:13:14 - Exploring the House of Israel and the Lost Tribes
01:18:02 - The Prophecy of Ahaya
01:23:26 - Turning away from the truth
01:28:27 - The Importance of Recognizing the Established Order
01:33:26 - Pagan Practices and the Corruption of Worship
01:37:57 - The House of Jeroboam and the House of Kumri
01:43:19 - The Kumaru People and the Welsh Connection
01:48:49 - Language Similarities: Welsh and Hebrew
01:54:12 - The Story of Jezebel and the House of Israel
01:59:33 - The Deportation of the Mani Tribe
02:04:24 - Prophecy of Scattering among the Gentiles
02:09:25 - The Covenant and the Scattering of Israel
02:15:21 - Hallelujah for America First