Pastor Vaughn Preaches LIVE - Build That Wall

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Shane Vaughn
2 years

Keywords: Nehemiah 13:19-22, Gates, Sanctify, Sabbath Day, 7th Day, Building that wall, Isaiah 58:12, Setting Boundaries, Protection, The Door, The Wall, Watchman, Temple/City, Standards, Satan, Compromise, Prayer, Repairer, Restorers, Reverence, The Last Day, Fear of God, Holiness, Seperation, Rebuild, Faithfulness, Commitment, Anointing, God first, Nehemiah 8:1-6, 9,11, Law of God, 10 Commandments, The Book, Holy Days, Understanding, Truth, Obedience, Authority, Government, Ekklesia, Worship, Nehemiah 13:21, Isaiah 58:13, Salvation, Convictions