Pastor Vaughn bringing that TRUTH about GOOD FRIDAY

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Shane Vaughn
2 years

00:00:00 - The Good Life: A Lie
00:00:40 - The Big Lie: Satan's Agenda to Disprove the Legitimacy of the Messiah
00:01:19 - The Sign of the Messiah
00:02:00 - Jonah's Time in the Belly of the Whale
00:02:40 - The Scripture's Question about Time
00:03:18 - The Good Lie and the Crucifixion of Jesus
00:03:58 - The False Messiah
00:04:40 - The Truth about Jesus' Resurrection
00:05:18 - The Error in Christian Beliefs
00:06:01 - Miscommunication about the Sabbath
00:06:42 - The High Sabbaths
00:07:21 - The Jewish reckoning of time
00:07:57 - The Feast of Unleavened Bread
00:08:36 - Calculation of Time
00:09:21 - The False Messiah's Priesthood
00:09:57 - The Sign of Jonah
00:10:44 - The Clever Counterfeit of Satan
00:11:21 - Spreading the Message
00:11:55 - Polycarp's Journey to Rome
00:12:33 - Polycarp Pleads with the Pope
00:13:10 - The Resurrection
00:13:46 - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
00:14:21 - The Pagan Origins of Easter Sunrise Service

Key insights
🤥 "Good Friday is nothing more than a lie. God is a god of Truth. He loves truth and he wants us to love truth."

📖 "I want to show you the good lie when this lesson comes to an end. I'm going to show you where the LIE came from and why you need to reject it and walk in the way of Truth."

🕰️ Jesus was crucified on Wednesday around 3:00, which began the High Sabbath of the Feast of unleavened bread at sunset.

⏳ According to Shane Vaughn, the legitimacy of Jesus' priesthood depends on a 3-day and three night Resurrection, making the timing of his resurrection crucial.

🤔 Polycarp pleaded with the Pope to keep the apostolic faith, but was ignored, raising questions about the legitimacy of the changes to Passover.

📖 The Bible doesn't say they saw Jesus resurrected on Sunday morning, as he had already resurrected the evening before.