Toto Teaches (with Gold Expert Bob Reid) GODS MONEY - Gold & Silver

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Shane Vaughn
2 years

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction of Special Guest
00:01:13 - Introduction of Bob Reed and his Gold and Silver Experience
00:02:24 - Wake up and own gold and silver
00:03:44 - The Secrets of Wealth Accumulation
00:04:54 - God's Money, Gold, and Silver
00:06:01 - The Changing Value of Currency
00:07:10 - The Journey from Graduation to Financial Loss
00:08:11 - God's Money Never Goes Bankrupt
00:09:13 - The Power of Assets in the Kingdom Economy
00:10:14 - The Truth about Financial Professionals
00:11:16 - Accumulating Gold and Silver for a Secure Future
00:12:19 - The Best Way to Get Good Prices on Precious Metals
00:13:19 - Connection to Patriot-Owned Companies
00:14:31 - The Opportunity for Financial Independence
00:15:37 - The Power of No Markup for Buying Gold and Silver
00:16:37 - The Gold and Silver Market
00:17:34 - The Patriots Buying Club and its Benefits
00:18:36 - The $1.2 Million Dollar Mistake in Buying MS-70 Coins
00:19:52 - Asthmatic Products and Asset Diversification
00:20:54 - Learning about silver and gold investments
00:22:16 - The potential value of investing in coins
00:23:38 - Accumulating Wealth with Gold and Silver
00:24:43 - The Patriots program and buyback prices
00:25:39 - Accumulating Real Money
00:26:41 - Investing in Gold and Silver with Private Vaults and Safety Deposit Boxes
00:27:45 - Prepare for the Changing World
00:28:48 - Gratitude for Brother Shane Key insights

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