An Overview of the Zadokite Priestly Calendar

1 year
Why are our dates of the Holy Festivals not determined by the customary JEWISH CALENDAR? What Calendar does our ministry use? After years of research and study - we settled upon what we believe is the most accurate calendar available to us today - the Calendar used since creation all the way up to the 2nd Temple period. This Calendar is NOT MOON BASED as the Witches use - but rather it is based on ALL 3 Heavenly bodies - THE SUN, THE STARS and THE MOON. Just like the weekly Sabbath, the annual Sabbaths never change their particular days of the week but they are FIXED and so very easy to determine.

This is not OUR DETAILED study of this subject but rather a congregational overview. A much more detailed study will be uploaded very soon - please look for it, it will be titled "An In Depth Detailed Look At The Zadokite Priestly Calendar"....