Sermon 1 of 3 - Feast of Firstfruits Celebration 2022 The Dreams of God

1 year
This sermon is the the 1st sermon preached during the 3 day Feast of Firstfruits Celebration in Waveland, Ms 2022.

Joseph had a higher dream than his brethren, while they were satisfied with just being a member of Israel, their younger brother Joseph tapped into the dreams of Yahweh for his life, to rule and to reign. He told this dream to his brethren and it caused them to hate Joseph.

In this sermon, Pastor Shane Vaughn teaches you the importance of understanding THE DREAM OF GOD for your life and it is the very same dream that he gave to Joseph, THE THRONE !!!!! Until this becomes your passion then defeat will become your cycle.

You are THE FIRSTFRUITS and with that high calling comes a high responsibility !!!