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Which Calendar is Biblical? Which one is traditional? The time has come for First Harvest Ministries to teach IN DEPTH why we believe that the calendar we keep "The Zadokite Priestly Calendar" is the calendar of scripture and without it we will celebrate PROFANE DAYS as Holy ---- violating the scriptures. This will be a very detailed in depth study for those who truly wish to know more about the Zadokite Priestly Calendar, sometimes referred to as Enochs Calendar.


 Chapters: 00:00:00 - Embracing Unity Beyond the Calendar
00:00:30 - Explanation of the Biblical Calendar
00:00:59 - Introduction to the Calendar College
00:01:29 - The Zadokite Priestly Calendar
00:02:00 - The Purpose of the Calendar College
00:02:26 - Introduction to the Zadokite Priestly calendar
00:02:57 - The Restoration of Time and Calendar
00:03:32 - The Ministry of Elijah
00:04:08 - Restoration of the Calendar and True Time
00:04:34 - The Fig Tree Blooms
00:05:00 - Types of Calendars 00:05:25 - The Hebrew Roots and Messianic movement calendar
00:05:56 - Lunar Calendar Alignment
00:06:22 - The Looney Solar Calendar
00:06:55 - The Primordial Difference in Calendars
00:07:23 - The Astronomical Conjunction Method
00:07:53 - The Birth of the New Month
00:08:28 - The Conjunction Calendar and Citing Method
00:08:55 - The Conjunction Method: Earth, Moon, and Sun
00:09:23 - The Society Method of Determining the New Moon
00:09:58 - Different methods of determining the new month
00:10:28 - Different Calendars Used by Various Groups
00:11:00 - The Calendar Correction Explained
00:11:29 - The Halal Calendar and its Creation by Hallel the Elder
00:12:05 - Creation of the Jewish Calendar
00:12:33 - The False Teaching of the Incorrect Calendar
00:13:08 - Preparing for the Coming Kingdom+
00:13:21 - Exploring Different Calendars

🌍 Pastor Shane Vaughn is starting a detailed exploration of the calendar kept at First Harvest Ministries, aiming to provide clarity and education on the topic.
📅 The ministry of Elijah has been sent to restore all things before Yeshua returns, including the correct calendar and time.
📅 The Zadokite Priestly Calendar, preserved in the Bedouin deserts, is believed to be the correct calendar for the end time Church.
🌒 The Zadokite Priestly Calendar is not a Moon based calendar, unlike the Looney solar calendar used by the majority of the Hebrew Roots movement.
🌘 The disagreement lies in whether the new moon is determined by the total darkness of the moon or the sighting of the first sliver of its light after the dark stage.
📅 The Hallel calendar is not considered correct, but some believe Yahshua will correct it when he returns.
📅 The Hillel calendar was created to require very little intervention to determine the holy days, ensuring continuity for the Jewish people.