The Last Great Day Of the Feast Sermon 2022

1 year

Will Yahweh send people to hell that never heard the gospel? What about those who commit suicide or what about the unborn children. What about the addicts that hardly know what world they are in? THERE IS AN ANSWER to these questions and they hare revealed to us in the final of the 7 feast of Israel, known as, THE LAST GREAT DAY

Keywords: only way to be saved, draw all men, age of accountability, free pass, Sodom would have repented, toleration, judgment not condemnation, every knee will bow, Isaiah 45:20-25, 3 harvests, Day of the Lord, Day of Pentecost, Joel 2, rejected the Kingdom, Hosea 6:1-2, blinded by Pentecost, latter rain, the books opened, 100 year judgment