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According to modern Christinaity - the TORAH was THE ENMITY that held us in bonday and Yahshua nailed that enmity to the cross. Therefore delivering us FROM GODS LAW !!!!! Perish the thoughts of such Tomfoolery !!!!! RUN FROM THE LIES

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00:00:00 - The Christian Church's Misinterpretation of Paul's Words
00:02:36 - Perfection in the Intent of the Heart
00:05:20 - Paul's Writings and Metaphorical Language
00:08:08 - The Special Wisdom of Paul
00:11:08 - Peter's Warning Against Paul's Writings
00:14:06 - The Hidden Wisdom of Yahweh Revealed
00:17:17 - Reading the Bible with the Spirit of Yahweh
00:20:05 - The Importance of Spiritual Discernment
00:22:51 - The Blind Leading the Blind
00:25:40 - The Importance of Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
00:28:21 - Paul as a False Teacher
00:31:31 - The False Teachings of Paul
00:34:28 - Paul's Obedience to the Torah
00:37:59 - The Good Report of Ananias
00:41:24 - Debunking the False Doctrine
00:44:03 - The Certificate of Debt and the Torah
00:47:05 - The Three Parts of a Law
00:50:20 - Focusing on the Ordinances
00:53:22 - The Decree of Law Breaking
00:56:30 - The Spirit of Error in the Christian Church
00:59:37 - Breaking Down the Wall
01:02:09 - Irreconcilable Hostility Towards God's Law
01:05:24 - The Meaning of "Enmity" in Greek
01:08:55 - The Hostility Towards the Law
01:12:07 - The Peace with the Law
01:15:05 - Fear of Death and Bondage
01:17:57 - The Transformation of the Carnal Mind

Key insights
Interpretation of Torah and biblical prophecy
🤔 "The hidden wisdom do you know. I hear Christian preachers say all the time don't let nobody tell you that there's hidden things in the word that you just take it at face value."
🧠 Understanding the Bible requires the true Holy Spirit to reveal its meaning, making it inaccessible without spiritual guidance. 🧠 Paul, a Torah master, was a chief among the Pharisees, knowing more than even the regular Pharisee knew.
📜 The assertion that not one jot or tittle of the Torah will pass away until all be fulfilled raises questions about the interpretation of biblical prophecy.
📜 The idea that the Torah contained in the ordinances was abolished in Jesus' flesh, challenging traditional interpretations. Role of Yahshua in relation to the Torah
📜 Blamelessness comes from obedience to the Torah, not just from the blood of Yahshua.
🔥 The idea that the Torah is against us ignites a fire in the speaker's spirit, prompting a correction of false Christian doctrines.
🤔 Yahshua abolished the enmity towards the law and the ordinances, breaking down the hatred towards the law of God.
💔 At one time we obeyed the law afraid of death, but now the death decree that was against us has been nailed to the cross.
🤯 "Yeshua nailed the enmity of the carnal mind to the cross and wrote the law in your heart."