Did Yahshua NAIL THE TORAH/LAW to the Cross?

1 year

One of Christianties favorite soundbyte doctrines when attacking the LAW OF YAHWEH and HIS TORAH is one verse that seems to indicate that THE LAW WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS. Such a statement is LIE OF BABYLON that must be UNLEARNED. In this brief 10 minute clip I will help you understand WHAT WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS so that you ca

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00:00:00 - Correcting False Christian Doctrines
00:00:36 - Believing in the Sound Bite
00:01:00 - Contradictions in the Bible
00:01:28 - Unfulfilled Prophecies in the Torah
00:01:54 - The Feast of Tabernacles and its fulfillment
00:02:19 - The Two-Faced Talking Snake
00:02:43 - Colossians Chapter 2
00:03:13 - Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances
00:03:41 - Nailed the Law to the Cross
00:04:12 - Misconceptions about nailing the Torah to the cross
00:04:38 - The Certificate of Debt and Decrees
00:05:15 - Three Definitions of the Law
00:05:45 - The Three Parts of a Law
00:06:16 - The Importance of Ordinances in the Law
00:06:52 - Understanding Recklessness in Driving
00:07:19 - The Meaning of the Torah
00:07:49 - The Purpose of the Torah
00:08:23 - The Spirit of the Law
00:08:54 - The Importance of the Holy Spirit
00:09:27 - The Focus on Law and the Ten Commandments
00:09:57 - Disregard for the Ten Commandments
00:10:28 - Focusing on Loving the Lord
00:10:54 - Ordinances and Decrees
00:11:23 - The Ten Commandments and the Cross
00:11:53 - Certificates of Debt and Fines
00:12:32 - The true meaning of the scripture about the law and the cross
00:13:02 - The Decree of Death
00:13:29 - Bringing Theology Back

Key insights
📜 Until it's all fulfilled and it's no longer a shadow, not one jot or one tittle's gonna pass away.
💰 The speaker challenges anyone to show where it says in the scripture that Jesus nailed the Torah to the cross, offering a thousand dollars to anyone who can do so.
📜 The Torah was added to the law because of transgression, implying that it was not originally part of God's plan for His people. 💭 "Yeshua took that decree upon himself oh Hallelujah and went to the cross and nailed the decrees of the law that was against us to the Cross."