The ABOMINATION of the Translators EXPOSED

1 year

The words ALPHA and OMEGA were attributed to Christ in the book of Revelation to attest to His co-equality with the Father. HOWEVER, in this study your eyes will open to a blatant ABOMINATION.

Study Guide

00:00:00 - The Abomination of Adding to the Word of God
00:01:14 - Studying the Word of God
00:02:16 - The Hebrew Alphabet and its Meaning
00:03:27 - The Meaning of Hebrew Letters
00:04:41 - Tav is Perfection
00:05:49 - The Meaning of "Alpha and Omega"
00:06:58 - The Meaning of Aleph Tav
00:08:09 - The Inclusion of Alpha and Omega
00:09:19 - Violation of the Commandments
00:10:28 - The Proxy of Yahweh: Angel Michael
00:11:42 - The Revelation from Yahweh
00:12:48 - The Revelation from Yahweh
00:14:01 - The Testimony of Yahweh and Yahshua
00:15:10 - Grace and Peace from Yahshua
00:16:24 - The Firstborn and the Last Adam
00:17:28 - Yahweh and Yahshua in Revelation 1
00:18:45 - Yahshua's Father and Yahweh's God
00:20:17 - Yahweh and Yahshua interchangeably
00:21:36 - Elohim and Yahweh's Titles
00:22:45 - Yahweh's Word and the Testimony of Yahshua
00:23:52 - Adding Words to the Scriptures
00:25:09 - Yeshua's Statement on Being the First and the Last
00:26:21 - The absence of Alpha and Omega in the Alexandrian Bible
00:27:25 - Yahweh, the Fountain of Water
00:28:40 - False Witness Added to Scriptures
00:29:52 - Yahshua's Commandments and Testimony
00:31:02 - The Omission of "Alpha and Omega" in the Alexandrian and Vatican Texts

Key insights
📖 Adding or taking away from the word of God is an abomination that alters the meaning to fit theology.
🔤 Understanding the meaning and depth of each Hebrew letter is essential to truly understand the scriptures.
📖 "The phrase Alpha and Omega were added to the word of God where they do not belong and where they are direct violation of the Commandment not to add to or take away from that book of Revelation."
👼 The angel in Revelation is the messenger of Yahweh, bringing words from both Yahweh and Yeshua, indicating two different testimonies.
🤔 The controversy of taking the names out of the Bible, such as Yahweh being translated as Lord God, leading to a misunderstanding of the true context and meaning.
📜 "The title belongs to Yahweh alone to take that Glory from him and give it to another is Dangerous Ground."
📚 The oldest Greek manuscript did not contain the statement in Revelation 1 and 11, proving that it was added to fit an agenda and a narrative called trinitarianism.
📖 "The words beginning and end are actually hellenized twisting of the meaning of aleph and Tav. It should read unity and perfection."