Part 8 - THE THIRD TEMPLE ''The Seed Of The Serpent''

1 year

In this sermon, Pastor Vaughn exposes THE SERPENT SEED and how to identify those who are descended from THE SERPENT himself.


00:00:00 - The Parable of the Sower
00:03:37 - The Parable of the Sower and the Wayside
00:11:17 - The Parable Explained
00:15:27 - The Garden of Your Thoughts
00:19:16 - The Two Seed Sowers
00:22:56 - The Battle Over Your Mind
00:26:54 - The Battle and the Seed
00:31:01 - Destroyed by Unanswered Questions
00:34:52 - The Seed that You Protect
00:38:50 - The Duty of the Third Temple
00:42:40 - Understanding the Seed of Heaven
00:46:39 - The Importance of Planting Seeds
00:50:25 - The Seed of the Spirit vs the Seed of Satan
00:54:25 - The Fruity River of Life
00:58:27 - Focusing on What You Produce
01:02:12 - Exposing the Seed of Satan: Hatred and Destruction
01:05:57 - Deliverance from the Seed of Satan
01:09:46 - The Fruit of the Spirit
01:13:25 - Signs of Walking in the Spirit
01:17:36 - Trusting in the Lord
01:21:56 - The Importance of Respect
01:25:59 - The Importance of Respect for Holy Things
01:29:36 - Hallelujah

Key insights
Biblical Interpretation and Parables
📖 Understanding the physical to spiritual parallels in biblical interpretation is crucial for grasping the deeper meaning of parables.
🌱 The parable of the sower teaches about the importance of having deep roots in life to withstand troubles and challenges.
🧠 Understanding the true nature of the mind and spirit challenges traditional teachings about the body, soul, and spirit.
🐍 You are either the seed of the Savior or the seed of the serpent, and your character reveals which seed line you come from. 🏛️ "You and I are all part of the Third Temple."
🍎 The Tree of Life in the Third Temple is supposed to provide 12 manner of fruits, proving that true fruit is flowing from it.
🌱 The seed of the serpent and the seed of the spirit are total opposites, but they both like going to church.
🐍 The seed of the serpent and the children of God are at odds, with the angels ready to blast those who follow the serpent's path.
💧 When we walk in a room, a river of precious fruit is supposed to flow out of us, bringing change and dispelling darkness. Presence of Evil in Religious Institutions
👿 The church may have been infiltrated by the devil, assigning them to ministry - a controversial idea about the presence of evil within religious institutions.
🌱 The seed of the serpent can be duplicated in the minds of others, leading them to act in ways that align with evil intentions. 👿 The seed of Satan looks like Satan, learn to recognize when it's sitting in the church. Spiritual Discernment and Frequency Tuning
🧠 The spirit of discernment is needed not to determine good from evil but to determine good from Godly.
🎶 The concept of tuning into a specific frequency to receive spiritual guidance and help is intriguing and thought-provoking.

Keywords: Physical to spiritual, Parable of the sower, two seed sowers, garden is in the mind, river of life, protect your garden