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00:00:00 - The Demons of Davos
00:01:07 - The Highest Village in the Swiss Alps
00:02:19 - The Extraordinary Meeting
00:03:25 - Committing to being Net Zero
00:04:34 - The Challenge of Disinformation
00:05:38 - The World's Biggest Problems According to Davos Leaders
00:06:47 - The Agenda of Demons
00:08:02 - Reprobates and the Agenda to Save the Planet
00:09:04 - Jesus' Return to Save the Planet
00:10:23 - The role of animals in cleaning the planet
00:11:27 - The Demonic Spirit of Vegetarianism
00:12:41 - Prophecy about Seducing Spirits at Davos
00:13:59 - The Truth about Vegetarianism
00:15:16 - The Demonic Doctrine of Open Borders
00:16:36 - The Impossibility of World Peace
00:17:51 - The Demons of Davos and the Prayer for Jerusalem's Peace
00:19:05 - The Difference in Message
00:20:13 - Invest in the Future of America
00:21:35 - Standing with Donald Trump, God's Man
00:23:06 - Standing Against the Anointed
00:24:18 - And There Was Light
00:25:30 - God's Wrath and Abraham Lincoln's Warning
00:26:53 - Lincoln's Sermon at the Inaugural Address
00:28:11 - The Life of Lincoln and Our Struggle
00:29:20 - The Battle Between the Demons of Davos and the Divine Work of God
00:30:28 - Blessings for the United States of America
00:32:50 - Music

The Highest point in Europe, the HIGH PLACES, has just hosted a gathering of humans that have yielded themselves to everything ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CAPITALISM, ANTI FAMILY - surprisingly, one of the most DEMONIC gatherings took place with NO ONE KNOWING or CARING - Mission Accomplished for the regions of darkness... but THERE IS AN ARMY of watchmen on the walls of America sounding the alarm and keeping soldiers awakened TO THE RESTORATION OF THE REPUBLIC !!!! Join America's favorite Professor of Truth, Professor Toto, as together we PULL BACK THE CURTAIN OF LIES in the LAND OF OZ !!!!
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