TOTO TONIGHT LIVE 1/26/23 ''Americas Missing X-FACTOR''

1 year

00:00:00 - The Shimmering Light on the Hill
00:01:41 - America's Grandfather
00:03:11 - The Republic of Rome: The Genesis of America's Rule of Law
00:04:57 - The Rule of Law and the End of Republic
00:06:44 - Empires: Great Britain, United Kingdom, and America
00:08:30 - America as an Empire
00:10:15 - A Jeroboam: The Collapse of Rome
00:12:00 - The Reason for Rome's Downfall
00:13:33 - Lessons from the Fall of Rome
00:15:09 - The X Factor and America's Ability to Bounce Back
00:16:47 - Navigating Stormy Times
00:18:28 - Aurelian: The Restorer of the World
00:20:15 - Romanizing the Conquered
00:22:07 - The Benefits of Roman Citizenship
00:23:52 - The Loss of Roman Freedoms
00:25:36 - The Fall of Rome due to loss of identity
00:27:34 - Loss of National Pride and Allegiance to America
00:29:33 - America's Demise and the Need for National Pride
00:31:13 - The Fall of Rome and the Loss of National Sovereignty
00:33:02 - The X Factor in War
00:34:38 - The Disappearance of Freedoms of Speech and Religion
00:36:09 - The Worthiness of the Empire
00:37:40 - The Loss of Vision in Greatness
00:39:16 - Restoring MAGA and American Pride
00:40:55 - Restoring America's Vision
00:42:30 - Ministers of the Greatness of America
00:44:12 - Bless America

Key insights
  • 🇺🇸
    America's grandfather is none other than the first Republic that ever existed in the history of the world - Rome.
  • 🏛️
    America is an Empire in the truest sense of the word, ingesting 50 Sovereign Nations that are sovereign unto themselves.
  • 🏛️
    The fall of Rome was due to a loss of identity, vision, and patriotism, not just inflation or external threats.
  • 💪
    "The X Factor creates the ability to bounce back, and without it, America will not be able to bounce back anymore."
  • 📜
    Roman citizenship was a status symbol with fundamental rights, including freedom of speech and religion, that motivated people to want to be Roman.
  • 😔
    A recent poll revealed that a record low 68 percent of our citizens are proud to be American, with millennials and Generation Z showing even lower levels of pride.
  • 🌎
    America's vision is crucial for its survival as a nation and its impact on the world.
  • 👴👵
    It's not just up to Donald Trump to restore America's missing X Factor, but it's the responsibility of every parent and grandparent to teach the greatness of America to the next generation.

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