Part 2 - Strangling The Strongholds

1 year

So many believers wish to blame demons for the STRONGHOLDS in their minds and then wish to depend on a quick prayer for the delvierance of those STRONGHOLDS of the mind. However, in this series, Pastor Shane Vaughn opens the scriptures to prove to you EXACTLY How Strongholds are FORMED and the ONLY WAY they can be destroyed. Every believer needs to hear this sermon.


00:00:00 - The Importance of Keeping the Sabbath
00:03:48 - Resisting the Devil
00:07:16 - The Secret of Strangling the Strongholds in Your Mind
00:10:49 - Getting over Your Selfishness
00:14:32 - From the Selfish Life to the Sanctified Life
00:17:52 - Questions about God's Word
00:22:46 - The Deception of Living in Sin and Going to Church
00:24:59 - Receiving the Holy Ghost and Changing from the Old to the New Way of Christianity
00:28:20 - Hungering for Truth
00:31:41 - Debunking Common Christianity Practices
00:35:46 - The Power to Cast Out the Devil
00:39:51 - Overcoming Strongholds in the Mind
00:43:31 - Separation as a Symbol
00:47:03 - The Symbolism of Hair and Separation
00:50:47 - Separation and Strongholds
00:54:31 - The Beginning of a New Creation
00:58:37 - The Separation of Light and Darkness
01:02:47 - Separation and Authority
01:06:23 - The Road to the Lake of Fire
01:10:02 - The Four Living Creatures and their Meanings
01:13:55 - Dominion through Separation
01:18:08 - The Message of Separation in the Coming Kingdom of God
01:22:08 - The Importance of Prayer in the Outer Court
01:25:49 - Appointment with God
01:29:34 - The Way of Holiness
01:33:18 - The Importance of Wisdom in Teaching Truth
01:37:17 - The Power of Prayer

Keywords: Psalm 25:4-5, 1 Thessalonians 4:7, Strongholds, Holiness, Minds, Transformed, Renewed Mind, Selfishness, Christianity, Sin, Deception, 1 Timothy 3:16-17, Perfection, Separation, Strength, Revelation 3:15, New creation, One new man, Living Creatures, Temple of God, Perfect Man, Spiritual Authority