Professor Toto's Latest Monologue ''THE PILLARS ARE CRUMBLING''

7 months

PROFESSOR TOTO's Latest Monologue 4/12/23 The FBI has been caught by the congress, planting informants on church pews !!!! They are infringing on freedom of religion, The US Constitution guarantees religious freedom thanks to a Baptist preacher and the Virginia state legislature, but this right is being eroded. Barack Obama spearheaded the greatest assault on religious freedom in modern American history, and even during COVID-19, many religious exemptions were not honored. In addition, Christian business owners have been forced to provide services against their religious convictions. Donald Trump has been raised up to raise an army of truth to fight for religious freedom, and it is up to citizens to hold up the pillars of religious liberty. Freedom of religion is a precious gift and one of our most important American pillars. Let's fight to protect it from crumbling! #HoldUpAmericasPillars #FreedomOfReligion