Counting The Omer 8 Days After The Resurrection

1 year
In this video, Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries discusses the count of the Omer celebration in relation to the resurrection. He explains that his ministry begins the count on the 8th day after the resurrection, which differs from the practice of many Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers who begin the count on the Sunday of the Resurrection.

Pastor Vaughn uses scripture to explain his ministry's understanding of the Holy scriptures regarding the counting of the Omer. The Omer is a measure of grain that was offered in the Temple during the Passover season, and the counting of the Omer is a 49-day period between Passover and the holiday of Shavuot, also known as the Feast of Weeks.

The video likely delves into the biblical basis for beginning the count on the 8th day after the resurrection rather than the Sunday of the Resurrection, as well as the significance of this difference in practice. It may also explore the history and cultural context of the Omer celebration and its relationship to the Christian faith.