Part 2- Tracking The Tribes - Sabbath Morning Bible Study

1 year

The religions of the world ignore the question or gives answers that do not pass the test of scrutiny. What in fact happened to multiplied millions of humans who were the Israelite descendents of the Patriarchs? Did they just dissapear from the pages of history to be forgotten, although they were children of an everlasing covenant? They were given a promise to rule the world and to sit upon Davids throne forever. Where are they? In this series of lessons, Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries will open the scriptures to give you these eternal answers


00:00:00 - Explanation of the Skip in Teaching
00:02:55 - The Difference between Israelites and Jews
00:05:58 - The Land of Israel and the People of Israel
00:09:09 - King Josiah's Reign of Righteousness
00:12:03 - The Relevance of Scripture in Modern Sermons
00:14:58 - The Restoration of Passover under King Josiah
00:18:02 - The Kings of Israel and Judah
00:21:03 - Josiah's Reforms and Restoration
00:24:25 - The Judgment of Israel and America's Fall
00:27:45 - The Harlotry of the People
00:30:43 - Lost Identity and Loving Separation
00:33:27 - The Consequences of Forsaking the Covenant
00:36:20 - The Seat of No Return
00:39:10 - Taking the Covenant Seriously
00:41:55 - The Covenant and the Treacherous Sisters
00:44:34 - Yahweh's Removal of Judah
00:47:22 - The Jealousy of Yahweh in Naming His Bride
00:50:37 - The Name of God and Acting Accordingly
00:53:34 - Singing the Name in Jerusalem
00:57:25 - Singing in Mount Zion
01:01:17 - Becoming One
01:04:10 - The Prophets of Deceit
01:07:21 - Remembering the Name in Babylon
01:10:29 - The Poorest of the Poor
01:13:25 - The Royal Seed in Babylon
01:16:22 - The Migration to Egypt and Ireland
01:19:59 - Settling Down in Ireland