Part 2- JOY COMES IN THE MORNING - Sabbath Morning Bible Study

11 months

What is Gods plan for the ages? The darkness is consuming the souls of men, wickedness and lawlesness pervades both the church and the world. The sermons of the church seem to offer no solution except escapism with no mention of THE JOY THAT IS PROMISED TO COME IN THE MORNING to all mankind. In this series, Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries opens the Word of Yahweh to examine exactly what THE END GAME IS ALL ABOUT. In this lesson series you will finally see beyond the glim picture painted by well meaning preachers but rather you will see WHat THE PLAN OF THE AGES truly are and the truth will astound you

00:00:00 - Believing in the Plan of God
00:04:44 - Discovering the Plan of God
00:09:47 - The Importance of Reasoning and Questioning
00:14:44 - Finding a Reason for Living
00:19:26 - The Intricate Design of Creation
00:24:18 - The Plan of Mercy and Judgment
00:29:02 - The Babylonian Doctrine
00:34:09 - The Impossibility of Reaching Consensus in Interpretation
00:38:53 - The Indestructibility of the Bible
00:43:41 - The Sacrifice of the Apostles
00:49:02 - The Holy Festivals: The Plan of the Planners
00:54:21 - Arise and Shine
00:59:07 - Ruling Over the Wicked
01:03:59 - The Plan of God for Reconciliation
01:08:52 - The Ministry of Reconciliation and the Resurrection
01:13:26 - The Resurrection and Salvation
01:17:58 - Misunderstood Verse in the Bible
01:22:33 - The Word in the Beginning
01:27:11 - The Meaning of Logos
01:32:21 - Understanding the True Meaning of Genesis
01:37:07 - The Plan and Chaos
01:42:05 - The Plan and Restoration
01:47:07 - The Three Worlds: Past, Present, and Future
01:52:23 - Living in the Present Evil World
02:02:43 - Peace and Reconciliation in the Kingdom
02:07:06 - Finding Unity and Love