Part 3 - JOY COMES IN THE MORNING - Sabbath Morning Bible Study

7 months

What is Gods plan for the ages? The darkness is consuming the souls of men, wickedness and lawlesness pervades both the church and the world. The sermons of the church seem to offer no solution except escapism with no mention of THE JOY THAT IS PROMISED TO COME IN THE MORNING to all mankind. In this series, Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries opens the Word of Yahweh to examine exactly what THE END GAME IS ALL ABOUT. In this lesson series you will finally see beyond the glim picture painted by well meaning preachers but rather you will see WHat THE PLAN OF THE AGES truly are and the truth will astound you

00:00:00 - The Fallacy of the Finished Work of the Cross
00:05:05 - Questions About God's Existence
00:09:46 - The Problem with the Gospel's Plan
00:14:42 - Trusting in the Plan of Yahweh
00:19:52 - God's Purpose for the Earth
00:24:34 - The Purpose and Plan of God
00:29:07 - Trusting in Yahweh's Plan
00:33:40 - The Revelation of the Plan
00:38:24 - The Revealed Plan for Building the Body of Christ
00:43:14 - Walking in the Light and Understanding Gentiles
00:47:43 - Religious Background Discussion
00:51:59 - The Call to Leave Your Background and Follow God
00:56:25 - Yahweh's Promises to Abraham
01:01:19 - The Promises and Blessings to Abraham
01:06:04 - Huckleberry Milk and God's Promises
01:10:13 - The Promises to Abraham
01:14:43 - The Physical Descendants of Abraham
01:19:42 - Abraham and the Descendants
01:23:59 - Letting God Perform His Promise
01:28:18 - Powerful Testimonies and Words from Yahweh
01:32:43 - The Love-Hate Relationship with Children
01:37:19 - The Love of Family and Friends
01:42:10 - The Covenant with Abraham and Isaac
01:46:54 - The Birth of Two Nations within Rebecca
01:51:57 - The Descendants of Ephraim and Vanessa
01:56:59 - The Stone of Yahweh and the House of Yahweh
02:01:46 - The Love of God for the Patriarchs