Part 2 - ''Parables Of the Kingdom' - the CEDAR TREE parable

11 months

00:00:00 - The Parables of the Kingdom, Part Two
00:01:43 - The Parable of the Cedar Tree
00:03:26 - The Parable of the Cedar
00:05:08 - The Parables of Yahweh
00:06:44 - The Parable of the Cedar Tree
00:08:31 - The Promise of David's Throne
00:10:02 - The Secret Plans of Yahweh
00:11:38 - The Parable of the Cedar Tree
00:13:16 - The Parable of the Cedar Tree
00:15:01 - The Tallest Branch Plucked Off
00:16:22 - Jeremiah and the Twigs of Kings Zedekiah
00:18:01 - Jeremiah's Two Twigs
00:19:41 - The Parable of the Mountain and the Royal Throne of David
00:21:23 - Jeremiah's Purpose as a Guardian of Nations and Kingdoms
00:23:06 - Rebuilding and Replanting the Nation
00:24:38 - The Parable in Ezekiel and Micah: The Replanting of the Twigs
00:26:14 - The House of Israel and the Lineage of David
00:29:25 - The Prophet Jeremy and the Royal Princess
00:31:08 - The Conversion of Ireland to Yahweh Worship
00:32:49 - The Royal Throne of David and the Great British Empire
00:34:32 - Songs of Prophecy and Fulfillment
00:36:09 - The Anointed Stone of Israel
00:37:51 - Restoration of the Dominion
00:39:23 - The Promise of Return to the Daughter of Zion
00:41:00 - The Dual Fulfillment of Prophecy
00:42:34 - God's End Time Plan

Keywords: lost tribes, pearls, mysteries of the kingdom, removal and replanting of David’s throne, 587 BC, royal throne of David, last branch, Zedekiah, twigs, eagle, Jeremiah, tender twig, female twigs, two princesses, uproot, plant, Ireland, harp, lyre, Jeremy, Tea Tephi, Baruch, celtic, Saint Patrick, Eochaid, Union of Royal House of David and lost tribes of Israel, Royal House of Windsor, British Empire, stone of scone, dual fulfillment