''One Will Be Taken, One Will Be Left'' - An Examination of the Pre-Trib Rapture

10 months

This lesson focuses on discussing the Christian doctrine of the Pre-Millennial secret rapture. This doctrine suggests that before Christ's final return, there will be a secret event in which the church is taken to heaven, as made famous by the popular "Left Behind" books and movies. The church has upheld this belief for many years, even though there is no direct mention of a secret rapture in the Bible. The scripture is often cited to defend the secret rapture doctrine: "One will be taken, and one will be left." This verse is often used by believers of the doctrine as a proof text. Pastor Shane Vaughn from First Harvest Ministries examines whether the verse "one will be taken and one will be left" supports the commonly interpreted doctrine. The truth will astound you as we present an alternative interpretation of the verse, suggesting that it might convey a different meaning from what has traditionally been believed. 

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00:00:00 - The Difference between the Catching Away and the Rapture
00:02:11 - Interpreting the Verses about the Rapture
00:04:22 - The Truth about the Rapture
00:06:37 - Understanding the Meaning of the Verses
00:08:58 - The Wrath of the Antichrist and the Falling Away
00:11:07 - The Rapture: Are You Worthy?
00:13:39 - The Context of That Day and the Rapture
00:16:04 - Comparison of Noah's Day to the Present Day
00:18:58 - The Judgment and Cleansing of the Earth
00:21:21 - The Rapture Doctrine and the Coming Kingdom of Yahweh
00:24:04 - The Watchmen of the House and the Secret Rapture
00:26:28 - The Call to Enter the Ark of Safety
00:28:38 - The Seventh Day Revelation
00:31:09 - The Anger in the World and the Brink of Civil War
00:33:36 - The Search for Faithful and Wise Servants
00:36:14 - The Restoration of All Things and the Jubilee
00:38:44 - Lazy Christians and the Need to Serve Humanity
00:41:12 - The Fate of the Lazy Christian
00:43:39 - Moving to Another Place with the Hypocrites
00:46:09 - The Weeping and Wailing outside the Protection of the City
00:48:44 - The Foolish Virgins
00:51:18 - The Misunderstanding of God's Identity
00:53:39 - The Worker of Iniquity
00:56:14 - The Days of Noah and the Foolish Virgins
00:58:45 - The Difference in Everlasting and Eternal-Błażej's Challenge to the Rapture Believers
01:01:16 - Left Behind
01:05:21 - Dismissal and Blessings

Key insights
  • 📖
    "The Bible only talks about three I mean two comings of Christ but if you're a Christian that believes in the Rapture you have to believe in three the first coming this one when he comes and meets them in the air and then a second coming and you just can't have it both ways."
  • 🤔
    What makes your generation worthy of a rapture? What did you do that they didn't get one? Why do you get a rapture?
  • 🌎
    The Rapture Doctrine was created by Satan to make people pray to get taken out of the way, but Yahweh needs a witness in the Earth to establish his kingdom in Satan's Dominion.
  • 🌧️
    Comparing the end times to the days of Noah, Pastor Shane Vaughn suggests that it was the wicked who were taken, while the righteous were left in the ark.
  • 🌑
    "I don't want a Rapture, I want a rupture of the kingdoms of Darkness."
  • 😇
    "One shall be taken and one will be left" - the lazy Christian will be taken and appointed to another place with the Hypocrites.
  • 🤔
    The concept of being a worker of iniquity despite performing miracles in the name of Jesus challenges traditional beliefs about salvation.
  • 🚪
    The story of the five foolish virgins is a repeat from the days of Noah, with the door being shut and one being left and one being taken away.