NO NO NO - Trump CANNOT be disqualified by the 14th amendment

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Shane Vaughn
10 months

00:00:00 - Disqualification of President Trump
00:01:00 - The Lawsuit Against President Trump
00:01:52 - Sunday Morning Constitution Lesson
00:02:51 - The Attempt to Stop Trump
00:03:42 - Qualifications for Holding Office
00:04:35 - The Constitutional Definition of Insurrection
00:05:31 - Inalienable Rights and Due Process
00:06:34 - Violation of Constitutional Intent
00:07:28 - Consequences of Section 3 of Article 14
00:08:19 - The Inapplicability to Donald Trump
00:09:18 - Donald Trump's Lack of Oath as an Officer
00:10:15 - Is Donald Trump an Officer of the United States?
00:11:09 - Impeachment Clause and the President of the United States
00:12:00 - The Spirit of American Jurisprudence
00:12:56 - The Difference Between Civil Officers and Elected Positions
00:14:04 - The Government and Its Branches
00:15:04 - The Appointments Clause and its Historical Context
00:15:55 - The Appointments Clause and the Impeachment Clause
00:16:54 - Supreme Court Opinion on Officer Appointments
00:17:54 - The Appointments Clause
00:18:44 - United States v. Muraugh: The Interpretation of "Officers of the United States"
00:19:38 - The President as an Officer of the United States
00:20:37 - The President as an Officer of the United States
00:21:35 - The President as Part of the Government
00:22:33 - The Exclusion of the Presidency from Section Three
00:23:23 - The Exclusion of Former Presidents from Government

So we have some dummy in Florida who did a thing and thinks he actually did something that "might work" -- TRUST ME - IT NEVER WILL !!!! And here is WHY !!! Have no fear Patriots - Professor Toto pulls back the curtain on the LIBERAL LIES

Join us in this riveting podcast hosted by the knowledgeable and passionate Professor Toto, as we delve into current events and dispel misconceptions. In this episode, we address the recent Caplan lawsuit in Florida, where an individual attempted to make a case for disqualifying Donald Trump from public office using the 14th Amendment. Professor Toto fearlessly dismantles the arguments presented in the lawsuit and provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of why they fall short.

With his keen legal insights and well-researched facts, Professor Toto takes you on a journey through the legal intricacies, debunking the notion that Trump's disqualification is a plausible outcome. Drawing on constitutional law expertise, he explains why the 14th Amendment does not serve as a disqualification mechanism in this context, and why it's essential to separate reality from mere wishful thinking.

But that's not all – Professor Toto goes beyond the specific case and addresses broader trends of misinformation and liberal narratives. He sheds light on the tactics used to manipulate public opinion and explores the motivations behind such attempts.

"No - Trump is NOT Disqualified by the 14th Amendment" is a thought-provoking episode that equips you with knowledge to critically assess legal arguments and see through the smoke and mirrors of sensationalism. Join the ranks of informed patriots as Professor Toto empowers you with accurate information and analytical tools to navigate the complex landscape of contemporary discourse. Tune in and be ready to have your perspective challenged and enriched.

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