Toto Tonight LIVE 10/17/23 - ''Sons Of The Republic''

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Shane Vaughn
9 months

00:00:00 - The Founding of Our Great Nation
00:00:38 - The Vision of Washington at Valley Forge
00:01:18 - America's future according to preachers
00:01:50 - The Final Judgment and the Message of Christianity
02:28:00 - Restoration of America as an End Time Israelite Nation
00:03:09 - The Chosen People and God's Judgment
00:03:39 - God's Intervention to Save America
00:04:17 - The Power of Prayer in Stopping Judgment
00:04:56 - God's Plan for America
00:05:37 - America's Purpose in the End Times
00:06:19 - A Singularly Beautiful Being
00:07:06 - The Men Moving to America
00:07:48 - The Shining Angel and the Union Flag
00:08:24 - The Battle and Victory
00:09:05 - The Destiny of the United States
00:09:48 - The Interpretation of the Vision
00:10:25 - Vision by the Spirit
00:11:02 - Son of the Republic
00:11:40 - The Vision of the Son of the Republic
00:12:22 - The First Government of Ancient Israel: A Republic
00:13:05 - The Original Vision for the Nation
00:13:49 - Dark Clouds Rising
00:14:30 - The Constitution and the Bible
00:15:01 - The Dark Clouds over America
00:15:39 - George Washington's Prophecy about Illegal Aliens
00:16:16 - The Dark Cloud of Illegal Aliens
00:17:05 - Returning to America: The Rule of the Majority
00:17:49 - The Union of the Lost Tribes of Israel
00:18:29 - George Washington's Prophecy
00:19:06 - The Revival of the Republic
00:19:43 - The Message of the Republic

Welcome to "The Conservative College" podcast, where we explore the spiritual interpretation of George Washington's vision at Valley Forge and its implications for America. While many Patriots are familiar with this historical event, tonight's episode goes deeper, uncovering hidden insights and discussing the future of our great nation.

Professor Toto, your guide on this journey, will pull back the curtain on this visionary moment and reveal what lies ahead for America. Be prepared for a big "I told you so" moment during tonight's class.

If you're seeking "Secret Intel," you may want to explore other avenues, but if you're addicted to the truth and are passionate about understanding the spiritual aspects of our history and its relevance to our future, join us tonight at 8 Central for "The Conservative College" podcast. We look forward to a thoughtful and enlightening discussion.

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