Holy Halloween? 10/31/23

8 months

Halloween is a long-standing debate among Christians about whether or not it should be celebrated. While some Christians recognize its pagan roots, they were willing to overlook it in favor of providing an alternative. Many Christians declare, "That is not what it means to me," when you point out the evil connotations connected to the October 31st celebration of Samhain and All Hallows Eve. In this riveting lesson, Pastor Shane Vaughn pushes past "What Halloween means to me" and journeys into the scripture to determine what it means to YAHWEH, the God of Israel.

00:00:00 - Choosing a Tree
00:05:37 - Choosing a Different Tree
00:10:59 - The Roots and Unholiness of Halloween
00:16:46 - The Roots of Halloween
00:22:26 - The Roots of Witchcraft and Rebellion
00:27:46 - Salwin: The Sun God and Witchcraft New Year festival
00:33:22 - The Origins of Samhain
00:38:36 - The Catholic Church and the Inquisition
00:43:49 - False Doctrine and the Celebration of Death
00:49:42 - Teaching the Difference between Holy and Profane
00:54:37 - Halloween: The Unholy Celebration
00:59:52 - The Difference between Holy and Unholy
01:05:03 - The Dangers of the Occult in Halloween Celebrations
01:10:28 - The Prophetic Word for This Generation
01:16:02 - Living for Yourself vs. Living for God
01:21:15 - Reproving Those Who Celebrate Halloween
01:26:23 - The Deception of Halloween and Female Empowerment as Witchcraft
01:31:45 - Male Empowerment in the Church
01:37:00 - The Dangers of Witchcraft and the Importance of Serving Yahweh
01:42:12 - The Power of Witchcraft
01:47:07 - The Witch of Indor and Halloween's Origin
01:51:56 - The Idolatry of God's People
01:57:25 - Do not celebrate like the heathens
02:02:06 - The Dangers of Halloween and Necromancy
02:07:16 - The Warning Against Following the Customs of the Gentiles
02:12:53 - The Real Day of the Lord
02:18:03 - Lifted voice in the midst of Darkness