ABORTION - It is TIME to get Real - We must let TRUMP be TRUMP

3 weeks
In this thought-provoking podcast, Professor Toto from The Conservative College delves into the nuanced messaging surrounding abortion within the Republican presidential candidates, focusing on the distinctive approach of Donald Trump. Contrary to the mainstream, Trump refrains from pledging support for a Federal Ban on abortion, and Professor Toto believes there's a profound reason behind this choice.
Join us as Professor Toto skillfully unravels the intricacies of political rhetoric, drawing parallels between effective communication and policy implementation. Through a unique lens grounded in the WORD OF GOD, he aims to demonstrate that sometimes, to accomplish a noble goal, understanding how to articulate it is just as crucial as the action itself.

Explore the podcast for an insightful examination of Trump's unconventional stance, and gain a deeper understanding of the strategic messaging employed in the realm of politics. Professor Toto invites you to consider whether Trump's approach aligns with a broader strategy and challenges you to question conventional wisdom in this vital and controversial subject.