Part 4 - Israel 101 - The unfortunate word ''GENTILE''

7 months

00:00:00 - Understanding the Meaning of Gentile
00:08:06 - Israel and Gentiles
00:16:08 - Israel and Judah: The Divided Kingdom
00:23:29 - The Removal of Animosity
00:31:34 - Identity of the Lost Tribes
00:38:42 - The Middle Wall of Partition is Broken Down
00:45:53 - The Vatican: A New Jerusalem
00:53:14 - The Power of the Catholic Church in the Antichrist System
01:01:11 - The Pope's Invitation and Controversy
01:07:48 - Excommunication and the Pope's Resignation
01:14:32 - The Pope's Statement on the One True Church
01:22:20 - The Meaning of "Ethnos" and "Nation"
01:30:01 - The mention of "go" in relation to Gentiles
01:37:12 - Instructions for Sabbath Observance
01:44:58 - The Children of Yahweh
01:52:21 - Preaching the Gospel to the Ethnos
01:59:51 - The Measure of Faith
02:06:51 - The Power of Faith in Believing the Truth
02:13:37 - Awakening of Yahweh's People
02:20:21 - A Testimony of Faith and Healing
02:27:11 - Rejoicing in the Deliverance from Babylon
02:33:56 - Rejoicing in the Book of Revelations
02:41:32 - Making Judah Jealous
02:49:06 - The Promise to the Children of Israel

Join us on a profound journey of discovery as we unravel the mystery behind the term "Gentile" in Christianity. For years, many of us have believed that a Gentile is simply a non-Jewish person, and that the Apostle Paul was exclusively a missionary to everyone except Israel. In this enlightening lesson, we challenge these preconceived notions and delve into the true meaning of the word "Gentile." Prepare to be amazed as we explore how misconceptions surrounding this term have led to confusion and even the propagation of false doctrines within the church. Through careful examination and in-depth analysis, we aim to shed light on the real significance of the term "Gentile" and its implications for our understanding of the Apostle Paul's mission. Whether you're a seasoned Christian or someone exploring the depths of biblical knowledge, this video is designed to provoke thought, stimulate discussion, and ultimately bring clarity to a concept that has long been misunderstood. Don't miss out on this transformative exploration into the heart of the Christian faith. Subscribe, like, and share as we embark on a journey to uncover the truth together. Let's redefine our understanding of "Gentile" and strengthen our foundation in the teachings of Christianity.