FINALLY - the WHOLE TRUTH about Palestine and Israel - Is Israel Occupying Palestinian Land

5 months

Description: In this eye-opening video, Professor Toto delves into the controversial mantra "From The River To The Sea" surrounding the State of Israel. Unraveling the layers of accusations and misinformation, the video challenges the narrative that attributes HAMAS's actions to Israel's alleged occupation of Palestinian land. Are these claims grounded in reality, or is there more to the story? Join Professor Toto as he presents a perspective that prompts viewers to question prevailing tropes and seek a deeper understanding of the complex issues at play.

Chapters: 00:00:00 - The Conquest of the Promised Land
00:01:11 - The Roman Conquest of Jerusalem in 70 AD
00:01:45 - The Expulsion of the Jews in 135 AD
00:02:20 - The Renaming of Judea to Philistines
00:02:58 - Changing the Name of Jerusalem
00:03:30 - The Byzantine Empire and Constantine's Invasion
00:04:01 - Jerusalem and Israel under Constantine
00:04:37 - The History of Jerusalem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
00:05:09 - The Arab Conquest of Jerusalem
00:05:43 - Jews Return to Their Homeland
00:06:22 - The History of Jerusalem and the Palestinians
00:06:53 - The Ottoman Empire and the Battle of Jerusalem
00:07:30 - Conquering Jerusalem in 1917
00:08:03 - Great Britain's Surrender to the Superior Army
00:08:34 - Handing over Jerusalem
00:09:05 - The Palestinian Connection to the Land and History
00:09:33 - The International Mandate and the Homeland
00:10:11 - The Occupation of Canaan
00:10:48 - The Land Given to the Jewish People
00:11:27 - The Six Day War and its Consequences
00:11:58 - Israel's Defeat in the Six Day War & Yam Kapor War
00:12:32 - Israel's Withdrawal from Gaza
00:13:04 - Watching