Lazarus Arise, Israel Arise - The Pre Gathering of Israel

4 months

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Prophecy of a New Place for My People
00:04:06 - The scattering and regathering of Israel
00:08:45 - A Gathering Before a Regathering
00:13:08 - The Gathering of God's People
00:17:21 - The Spirit of Gathering
00:21:38 - The Regathering of Israel
00:25:46 - The Regathering of Israel
00:29:59 - The Gathering
00:33:54 - The Regathering of the Lost Tribes of Israel
00:37:57 - Reviving the Dead Bones
00:42:14 - The Gathering of the Bones
00:46:17 - The Breath of Life to the Dead Bones
00:50:39 - The Regathering of Israel with Two Sticks
00:54:38 - The Prophesied Regathering of the Lost Tribes
00:59:00 - The Resurrection of the Lost Tribes
01:03:19 - The Revival of the Jewish People
01:07:27 - The Lawless Antichrist
01:11:44 - The Awakening of Lazarus
01:16:02 - Martha and Mary's Different Perspectives
01:20:41 - The Holy Spirit and the Lost Tribes
01:24:55 - The End Time Resurrection of Dry Bones
01:29:01 - Removing the Stony Heart
01:33:07 - Dancing in Worship before the Lord
01:37:18 - The Resurrection of Lazarus and the Restoration of Ephraim
01:41:32 - The Loud Voice in the House of God
01:45:34 - Unshakeable in the Face of Adversity
01:50:28 - Hallelujah

SERMON SUMMARY "The Prophecy of King David: Understanding the Difference between "Jews" and "My People Israel"
" In the text, an interview or preview discusses 2 Samuel
7:10 and the appointment of a place for Israel. Nathan, the prophet, speaks to King David, who is initially confused about the meaning of the prophecy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between "Jews" and "My People Israel" for proper preaching. They then discuss Deuteronomy 30, which speaks about Israel settling in their land and becoming mighty.

"The Prophecy of Israel's Return: Misunderstanding and Redemption"
In a speech, Moses discussed a prophecy that Israel would be scattered, but God would eventually redeem and bring them back. The prophecy stated that the people would return to God before returning to the land. This occurred in 1948, but many misunderstand the prophecy as stating the people would return to the land before returning to God.

"The Concept of Israel's Regathering and the Third Exodus"
The text discusses the concept of Israel's regathering, stating that it will only happen after repentance and the return of Yeshua. The author asserts that pre-gathering must occur before regathering and that we are entering an age of pre-gathering and regathering. The text also mentions a Third Exodus underway, with God gathering people supernaturally.

"Embracing Unity: The Spiritual Gathering of the House of Israel"
The text suggests that a spiritual gathering of the House of Israel is happening, with the help of an Almighty God who used isolation caused by COVID-19 to bring people together. The author emphasizes the importance of standing together and declaring the word of the Lord in this end time hour and encourages those who may feel isolated to join the gathering.

"The Last Move: The Regathering of Israel and the Church"
God calls every church member to unite for the last move, emphasizing that you can be isolated from the church but not from Israel. The text discusses the regathering of Israel, prophesied by Moses and every Prophet after him, with the entire Bible revolving around this theme. This regathering happens in three parts, with Israel being gathered first before the Jews, ultimately provoking jealousy among the Jewish people.

"The Prophecy of Israel's Regathering"
The text discusses the idea that Israel and the Jewish people will be regathered in a physical place, but not in the current moment or in Jerusalem. It also asserts that the land of Judea was given to Israel, not the Jewish people and that the Lost tribes of Israel came through Great Britain and the United States of America. The text emphasizes that Joseph, who was tasked with protecting his brothers in the famine, represents these nations that have allowed the Jewish people to exist.

"The Regathering of the Jewish People: Awaiting the Return of Shiloh"
The text discusses the regathering of the Jewish people and explains that it cannot happen until Shiloh (also called Yashua) returns. It emphasizes that people should not try to evangelize the Jews as there will be a revival for them when Shiloh comes. The text also clarifies the difference between Jews and Israelites, stating that the gathering of the people will occur at the coming of Shiloh, who is Yeshua Messiah.