Edited Version ''The Chaos King'' 2/1/24

5 months

SHOW SUMMARY: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dkCnAbXDN-euZ6rqaV_12S24K4qU6FpL8xVW2I6ugJY/edit?usp=sharing

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Chaos follows him 
00:01:25 - Chaos Prophecies: Returning to Normalcy or Embracing Chaos?
00:02:59 - Chaos following Donald Trump
00:04:27 - The Divine Appointment of a President
00:05:33 - A Prophetic Word for America
00:07:00 - God's Promise to Israel
00:08:32 - The Call for a Noble President
00:09:54 - Grab hold of the prophetic word and March against chaos
00:11:21 - Fighting the Lies with Truth
00:12:46 - Reasons for God Allowing Trials
00:14:21 - Finding the Army of the Lord
00:15:51 - Learning how to War
00:17:20 - The Call to Chaos and Separation
00:18:47 - The Chaos in Schools and the War Against the Usurper
00:20:07 - The Story of Gideon
00:21:24 - The Chosen Leader
00:22:58 - Aimc's Destruction of Gideon's Movement
00:24:37 - The Usurper's Reign
00:25:52 - Chaos and the Fall of Aimc
00:27:26 - Chaos and the Usurper on the Throne
00:28:53 - A Woman's Attack on the Tower
00:30:12 - The Arrangement of a Woman's Killing
00:31:35 - The Spirit of Chaos and the Call to War
00:32:46 - Fighting for the Fulfillment of the Prophetic Word
00:34:23 - Praying to God Even in Difficult Times
00:36:22 - Running for Jesus

Key insights 📖 A new understanding of chaos and prophecy opened up in the word of God for Pastor Shane Vaughn. 🌀 Chaos in America is not a time for peace, but a time designed by Yahweh himself, and when Satan causes chaos, Yahweh responds with greater chaos. 🔮 The prophetic word of the Lord is always accompanied by the army of the Lord that will declare the word of God. ⚔️ America is in time Israel what's about to happen in America is going to be a division. A chaotic division between the right and the left. 🤯 The Chaos King theory suggests that evil leaders are left in power to reveal the true army of the Lord and expose fake preachers in America. 📖 "He said I've called you to fight my fight to get the usurper off the throne." 🤯 The Chaos King's plan to destroy the Maga movement and Gideon's Brotherhood is a shocking revelation of his intentions. 😈 Satan is always fighting against the will of God, causing chaos and animosity.