New Song Written By Pastor. Shane Vaughn ''This Is The Gathering Of The House Of Israel''

5 months

SONG This Is The Gathering Chorus This is the gathering of the House of Israel Ezekials Dry Bones have heard the Word of Emmanuel The Wind of the Spirit has breathed upon us all This is the gathering of the House of Israel Verse 1 Scattered and sifted throughout the nations of the world Lost to the Gentiles was God’s great pearl Fearful and forgotten we did not know we were begotten In the plans of YAH before the creation of the world Verse 2 In the tapestry of time, a red crimson thread Woven through history, where the tribes were spread From Abraham's promise to the present day Elijah has returned, restoring the way BRIDGE Oh, the joy of restoration, like morning dew His love, an unending, steadfast view In unity, we stand, no longer apart For His grace has united every scattered heart Verse 3 This is the gathering, a divine symphony Judah and Ephraim, His love's epiphany Ezekiel's Dry Bones now dance and sing In the gathering of Israel, let our praises ring.