Part 1 - The Great Falling Away & The Revealing of the Anti Chris

5 months

Study guide:

00:00:00 - The mystery of iniquity and the interpretation of 2 Thessalonians 2:7
00:04:41 - Understanding the meaning of "withholdeth"
00:09:16 - Identifying the Antichrist
00:13:49 - The Secret of Lawlessness
00:18:44 - The Two Groups of People
00:23:41 - A Revelation Waiting to be Revealed
00:28:09 - Uncovering the Antichrist
00:33:03 - The Devil's Deception
00:37:27 - Revealing the Antichrist within oneself
00:42:11 - The Antichrist Exposed
00:46:56 - Exposing the Preaching of God's Word
00:51:36 - The Rejection of Stones and Building the Temple
00:56:02 - The Danger of Individualism in the Church
01:00:36 - Dressing like a Royal Priest
01:05:17 - The Man of Sin
01:10:27 - The Antichrist and the Word of God
01:15:08 - The Will of the Antichrist
01:19:26 - The Coming of Christ and the Falling Away
01:24:14 - The Falling Away
01:28:55 - The Exaltation of Self in the Temple
01:33:41 - The Revealing of the Antichrist in the Church
01:38:42 - The Return of Christ vs The Rapture
01:43:47 - The Love of Truth vs. Deceivableness
01:48:28 - Chosen for Sanctification
01:53:05 - Chosen Before Birth
02:01:58 - The Gathering of the House of Israel

Key insights
  • 🙏
    There are two groups of people in Christian churches, those who do the Father's will and those who work in iniquity, both claiming to be spirit-filled.
  • 🧠
    The Antichrist will be uncovered, not born, and has been hiding in secret within the church for 2,000 years.
  • 🤯
    Forget the revived Roman Empire, the real Antichrist is already among us, hidden in plain sight.
  • 🦠
    The Antichrist can be found within ourselves, and once we recognize and expose him in our own minds, we have already defeated him.
  • 🦹‍♂️
    The Antichrist is cunning, crafty, subtle, deceitful, treacherous, and wicked - a powerful and dangerous figure.
  • 🧠
    The natural mind of a man is to get or be gotten, always striving to win and exalt oneself - a thought-provoking insight into human nature and ambition.
  • 🚫
    The whole church has fallen away from the ancient landmarks, opposing the word and exalting itself against that which is worshiped.
  • 🤯
    The Antichrist was sent to preach that the Law's done away with to find out if there's one out of a hundred that'll question it.