Zion's Call International Telecast with Shane Vaughn 1/11/2014

Shane Vaughn Photo

Shane Vaughn
2 years

Presented by The Apostolic Church of God each week; This week Rev. Shane Vaughn, ministry President teaches on the subject of "The Mystery of God" as mentioned in Revelation Chapter 10. He answers the question of "Why do the good die young" and the meaning of "The Mystery of God, when time shall be no more". What exactly is the Mystery of God? The answer will excite you and encourage your faith. This is a life changing revelatory message that you must listen to. Also on this weeks broadcast Bro. Vaughn sings three songs at the grand piano; "He found me just in time" "There is a River" and "At your feet". Visit our website for our archives; www.theapostolicCOG.com