The Whole WORD rest on TWO TREES

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Study Guide:


00:00:00 - The Importance of Foundations in the Bible

00:01:07 - Symbolic Trees in Christianity

00:02:12 - Symbolism of the Trees in the Scripture

00:03:12 - The Two Trees in Your Garden of Eden

00:04:23 - The Symbolism of the Tree of Life

00:05:28 - The Law of Duality and the Tree of Life

00:06:37 - The Attributes of the Tree of Rebellion

00:07:40 - The Desire for Knowledge and Independence

00:08:46 - The Tree of Life and the Tree of Self

00:09:52 - The Choice of Adam and Eve

00:10:50 - The Choice for Immortality

00:11:49 - The Cherubim and the Tree of Life

00:12:57 - The Choice Between Two Trees

00:14:06 - The Snake in the Garden of Eve

00:15:06 - The Seduction of the Serpent

00:16:12 - The Temptation in the Garden

00:17:10 - Overcoming Lies and Deception

00:18:02 - Defying the Slithering Snake

00:19:06 - The Call of Wisdom

00:20:13 - The Wisdom of Yahweh

00:21:16 - A Choice in the Garden

00:22:17 - Overlooking the Inheritance

00:23:22 - The Voice of Satan

00:24:19 - The Snake's Deal

00:25:16 - The Temptation of Power

00:26:21 - The Temptation of Jesus

00:27:25 - Choosing the Right Tree

 Key insights 🌳 The foundational understanding of the Bible rests on two trees, which are crucial to interpreting the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. 🍎 Understanding the significance of the two trees in the Garden of Eden is crucial for interpreting the spiritual message of the Bible and avoiding the same mistakes as Adam and Eve. 🌳 The tree of knowledge of Good and Evil represents the desire to be like God and decide for yourself, questioning the need to surrender to a god you've never seen. 🌳 Adam and Eve's choice of the wrong tree would result in being cursed with mortality, while choosing the right tree would have blessed them with immortality.