Part 5 - Revealed Treasures Of The Tabernacle 6/14/24

1 month

Study Guide:

00:00:00 - Outer Darkness in the Tabernacle
00:04:36 - The New Jerusalem and the Supernatural Light
00:09:06 - The Nations of the Saved
00:13:39 - The Great Tent Revival
00:18:13 - Moving Beyond Baptism
00:22:34 - Moving on from Judgment
00:27:30 - The Death of Judgment.
00:32:14 - The Significance of the Walls in the Tabernacle
00:36:34 - The Tabernacle and the 48 Boards
00:40:55 - The Four Elements and Seasons
00:45:39 - Connecting with the Earth and Divine Government
00:50:18 - The Judgment in the Church
00:54:59 - Judgment and Unity in the Church
00:59:24 - The Mark of the Beast's Effect on Believers
01:03:54 - Building the Holy Temple
01:08:00 - Gold Overlaid Hurt Feelings
01:12:15 - Repentance and Transformation
01:16:18 - The Transformation from Wood to Gold
01:20:44 - The Firstborn Sons of Yahweh
01:25:31 - The Natural Mind Cannot Comprehend
01:30:07 - Following Christ as the Forerunner
01:34:37 - Hope in Christ going Beyond the Veil
01:39:26 - Being Misunderstood "Move Out of the Way"
01:43:41 - Storm Gathering
01:48:22 - Salvation through Silver Sockets in the Tabernacle
01:52:37 - The Importance of the Ministry of the Media
01:56:58 - Thank You Pastor

Key insights 🌌 The Tabernacle holds the key to understanding the entire plan of Yahweh for everything, hidden in the Bible. 🚪 The curtain into the golden and silver realms is only open to those willing to leave their old nature behind and hunger for more, allowing them to be filled by Yahweh. 🤯 The concept of being wooden yet golden, earthly yet heavenly, and bringing two worlds together is a powerful and thought-provoking idea. 💫 The Tabernacle represents the transformation from human to spiritual nature, from brass to gold, through consecration and escape from corruption. 🤔 A true Prophet is opening the scripture and showing you the mysteries of the word of Yahweh. 👥 The burden of their charge is just as important as any other role in the work of the Tabernacle.