Dr. Vaughn: The Sabbath Day, Sabbath Day Scriptures, should Christians keep the sabbath?

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The Sabbath Day for Christians
There's a lot of confusion about the Sabbath in Christianity. Is it on Saturday or Sunday? Some question whether it's even necessary to keep the Sabbath at all. Many Sabbath keeping churches claim it is since the Sabbath is part of the Ten Commandments. Some go so far as to say that Sabbath keeping will help you avoid the mark of the beast! Others claim the Sabbath is not part of the New Covenant; and keeping the Sabbath is legalism. Who's right? Find out by watching this video

Has the Sabbath been done away with? Did Jesus fulfill the Sabbath? Are there now only 9 commandments that we must keep? You have heard what your church said, you have heard what others have said, now you will hear what the Word of God says

Sabbath Day Scriptures - Sabbath Day Observance scriptures for your study and learning: Genesis 2:2,3 Our young people are much interested in Sabbath day bible lessons and Monday evening Lyceum
Sabbath day bible definition Photos
The Sabbath Day Bible Study is a child mentoring program created to celebrate the Sabbath and to learn God's word
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Sabbath Day Bible Study @ 1:30 PM (CST) This is an images pub Sabbath day observance scriptures about love

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remember the sabbath - remember the sabbath day.

remember the sabbath by pillars of our faith.

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Remember the sabbath day coloring page that you can customize and print for kids

An in-depth look at the seventh-day Sabbath both from a historic and scriptural perspective. To prove the relevance of this important day we call on numerous credible sources and many scriptural verses from the Pre-Messianic Scriptures and Messianic Writings

Translated titles:
Dr. Vaughn: el día de reposo, las escrituras del día de reposo, ¿deberían los cristianos guardar el

DR. Vaughn: Der Sabbat, die Sabbat-Schriften, sollten die Christen den Sabbat halten?

Dr. Vaughn: le jour du sabbat, les écritures du jour du sabbat, les chrétiens devraient-ils

Dr. Vaughn: o dia de sábado, escrituras do dia sabático, os cristãos devem guardar o sábado?

डॉ। vaughn: सब्त के दिन, सब्त के दिन शास्त्रों, क्या मसीहियों को सब्त का दिन रखना चाहिए?

Dr. Vaughn: die sabbat, sabbatskrifte, moet christene die sabbat hou?

Dr. Vaughn: ditët e shtuna, shkrimet e shenjta të sabatit, të krishterët duhet të mbajnë të shtunën?

博士。 vaughn:安息日,安息日经文,基督徒应该守安息日吗?

ד"ר. Vaughn: יום שבת, יום שבת כתבי הקודש, יש נוצרים לשמור על שבת?

Dr. Vaughn: il giorno di sabato, le scritture del giorno sabbatico, i cristiani dovrebbero